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Petra ([personal profile] hyperbole) wrote2013-09-12 08:01 pm
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Huh. I did quite a Cool Thing*, but the currently-strongest memory from the last couple of days is when I got treated as an object for the first time in my life.

It wasn't dangerous and I got away before it got particularly unpleasant, but I'm disappointed that I wasn't collected enough to deal the guy a verbal punch (it happened half an hour before Cool Thing, probably because my way of preparing made me look like prey to this prick, so my mind was rightfully elsewhere) and it didn't exactly help me do Cool Thing as well as I could.

I'm glad I'm a feminist. This strengthened my conviction, if that was possible. I do hope I manage to connect with the local group that may or may not still be active.


* I travelled to our capital city in the middle of the week to sit an admission test that is part of the recruitment process for EU translators. For which you have to be fluent in three or more languages (I have four) and have a university degree of at least three years' language studies (mine was four years). And which was quite honestly the trickiest exam I've ever sat, and that says A LOT. So fuck you, prick-who-thinks-women-are-playthings, I do not need your attention.

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