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Petra ([personal profile] hyperbole) wrote2013-09-22 07:05 pm

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For the last four years as I've lived and studied in three different foreign countries, I've got used to the somewhat startled realisations I get of being in [country] when I'm out and about and hear other people talking in [language].

Today was the first time it happened in Sweden, and the feeling seemed so funny and familiar and out of place all at the same time. I shouldn't be surprised to be in my homecountry, right? But I was. And I liked it. It's a reminder that the world is full of wonder wherever I am--I just have to notice it.

Also neat on today's walk was the discovery of a really nice sort of tiny forest with hidden paths and surprise picnic tables on the other side of the houses across the street. I knew there was a huge playground, paddocks, etc. in the area but I wasn't aware that there was actually nature. It's a 4H farm with chickens (actual fluffy baby chickens right now!), horses, tiny goats, sheep, rabbits, a donkey, cows, and some small type of pig. And it's right next to where I live! Brownie points to My New City.