hyperbole: An IKEA-like glass of water with a flower in it. (Glass of Water)
Petra ([personal profile] hyperbole) wrote2013-10-04 01:45 pm

FO: The Vegetarian Cook Book

I'm very pleased to announce that my third project has been posted to Project Gutenberg! It's The Vegetarian Cook Book and I'm well proud of it.

It is what it says on the tin: a vegetarian cook book, including lots of recipes, basic cooking instructions, and arguments for why a vegetarian diet is good. Some of the dishes seem barmy to me (because of geographical distance or distance in time? I'm not sure!), and many contain the meat replacements Protose (described here) and Nuttolene (which seems to be available still). But I do believe I have spotted some gems in there as well....

(I'm having trouble getting the HTML version to display correctly on my computer, but I'm being told it actually works for others. If you can't see three pages of beautifully coded advertisements (enclosed in a box each, between the Index and the Transcriber's Notes), please tell me?)

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