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Petra ([personal profile] hyperbole) wrote2014-03-07 07:51 pm
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Petra tries tatting

I've had a rough couple of months as far as mental health goes, so today when I finally made a start on my plan to learn how to tat, it made me feel like an absolute genius for the first time in forever. I followed this set of tutorials and made this:

Tatting has been my favourite type of lace for a long time (in terms of aesthetics) but for some reason I've kept learning about other types instead.

These three loops took me two and a half hours to make and I've concluded that I need bigger thread to practice with, as well as a better shuttle (I had no idea there were different types, nor that I'd need two).

As an experienced knitter, I find that I have both advantages and disadvantages when moving to tatting. For example, my ability to read knitting really helps a lot in reading the lace, but my knitter's index finger (I knit continental style) is really keen to hold out the working thread even though that's not its job here. I keep realising it's moved again without my noticing because muscle memory is just that strong.

Very excited to keep exploring this.

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