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Petra ([personal profile] hyperbole) wrote2014-03-14 05:33 pm
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Continued Tatting Adventures

Following this tutorial, I made this wonky butterfly:

It took me just an hour and a half! Considering that I hadn't done any more tatting since last Friday, I'm really impressed that it went as well and felt as "easy" as it did. I did have to wrestle with the first picot join (that's why the upper right loop is slightly square) but hey, now I know that I can sort out messes too.

For reference, my shuttle is about the size of my middle finger. I don't have any bigger thread yet (except for some ugly whiteish linen thread that came with my bobbin lace pillow, and I want to make pink stuff dammit), so again it's pretty microscopic.

Fun fun fun anyway!

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