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Frivolty Friday

In Swedish, tatted lace is called "frivolitet", as in frivolty. And since I seem to have made a habit of tatting on Fridays, and alliteration is awesome, I shall henceforth be making Frivolty Friday posts.

Last Friday I was at my parents' house, which is why I didn't post then. I did tat though, using actually suitable tools and materials -- my nan has an infinite supply of treasures and when she heard that I was learning to tat, she found her mother's stash of threads and shuttles and even a Swedish pattern book from 1967 with adorable magazine clippings from the 70s. And gave them to me. (A few years ago she gave me her HUGE collection of knitting needles. She has painful issues with her hands so she hasn't crafted in many years, so she's been quite happy to pass these things on to a new generation. ♥)

So the first thing I made with a better shuttle and bigger thread was this purple square type thing. It was one of two patterns in the pattern book that I have the skills to make as of yet (the book calls itself a teaching book but there are six pages with instructions -- I don't see how they get from that to knowing ALL the things, no intermediate steps!). It made such a difference to use a shuttle that is slim and has no catchy bits and just goes where I want it to go. This thing is about the same number of stitches as the butterfly I made a few weeks ago, but it took about half the time (and looks so much neater!).

Today I've continued with this tutorial and started working on the edging:

All that only took me 90 minutes. Yay learning stuff! (Though I see now that the lace is shown with the wrong side facing the camera. I'm working left to right. Whoops!)

I still think this is the bestest, funnest, excitingest thing. So exciting even that I created a Pinterest account just because it seems like a lot of people are sharing patterns and tutorials that way. (I'm finding that less interesting than the tatting, though, so I don't quite know how it works yet.)

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