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I've been tatting quite a lot and making loads of progress on slightly more advanced techniques, I just haven't got around to posting stuff here. The one (er, two) finished project(s) I've got to share is (are) Dr. Who themed. (For the record, I have a strong aversion to Dr. Who but grew to like police boxes a lot while I lived in Edinburgh. I'm considering making a purple one because some of the Edinburgh police boxes have been turned into bright purple coffee kiosks. Hmm.) ETA: the pattern!

I first made the one to the right, thinking myself right cunning for remembering to arrange a way to hide the ends well before the end of the project. Turns out I'm still a beginner and need a lot of practice before I can make that magic happen on demand: the top left of that one is wonky because I used a lot of force and still failed to hide those ends. So I made the one on the left! In about half the time, and using a less ambitious way to secure the ends without hiding them completely.

Grandma was able to advise me about where to buy starch (in any old supermarket, apparently!) so both of these have been ironed and starched. I'm mightily amused by the packaging of the starch, which seems to have been transported to this decade from 1950 without stopping anywhere on the way. There is a word in the instructions that I'd never heard before! (Dad explained that it's a type of fabric.) It has funny slogans like "gives your iron wings" and the spray version even has a typical stylised 1950s housewife on it. And judging by the smell, it's just glorified glue!

Right now I'm working on a flowery bookmark that is just slightly above my level. And I've been trolling the Internet Archive for old tatting books--there are some treasures to be found there! Though I haven't tried to read the instructions yet, so maybe I shouldn't look too much at those pictures just yet....
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Bwahahahaha, those are brilliant.
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A-mazingly awesome! I am excite to hear more about the adventures of you in tatting-land...