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Tatting update

I had several delicious weeks full of energy and excitement and wanting to do stuff and practically not being anxious at all. Then some stuff happened and things weren't great anymore. So these colourful pieces are from a couple of weeks back:

They're all from great grandma's book. The big one is by far the biggest thing I've made so far (and, logically, the one where I had to unpick the most! Concentration cannot wander for one moment, truly).

I was a bit worried about how well the ends would hide in this variegated colourway, especially now that I've decided that the more rudimentary technique is good enough for me. See, instead of pulling the end through the body of the stitches, along the "shuttle thread", where it can't be seen at all, I sew along the top of the stitches. This leaves slight traces of odd-looking stitches, but I find that less noticeable than the way whole sections of lace are pulled out of shape when I try to get the thread through the body of the stitches. Anyway, when the colour of the end to be hidden is different from the stitches it's going to be hidden in, I thought that it'd look very weird, but it turns out that the anatomy of the stitches makes it work out quite nicely. Where it's visible, there are little dots of the colour of the hidden end along the row of stitches. I actually have to look closely to find thos places, even on the pieces I've made myself!

These pieces are still unblocked and unstarched. I'm thinking I might do a before-and-after comparison post about the starching process once I have access to an iron in a few weeks. It really is quite magical!

Now I'm planning to do a set of jewelry/accessories in a light pink just for me. I'm going to pick a leafy motif to design various pieces around: earrings, bracelet, necklace, headband. I have some vague sketches but not quite the oomph to get going, so for now I'm working on another small rainbow piece from the book.
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wow those are really lovely! *\o/*