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Petra ([personal profile] hyperbole) wrote2014-09-09 05:00 pm

Spinning wheel woes

In the last hour I've had to realise just how many similarities my spinning wheel has to a Swiss cheese.

A couple of days ago, as I was wiping bird droppings* off it, I noticed tiny white bugs and completely panicked. Dad reassured me that it wasn't that big an issue and that there was a fairly easy way to treat it. So today I went and bought a kind of solvent, covered my balcony in newspaper, and brushed solvent over every inch of my wheel, taking particular care to get the stuff in all the insect holes. And there were so many. /o\

I don't know when I'll be able to spin again, or even how I'll know if the beasts are gone. However, the silver lining? I no longer need to feel like I shouldn't be dreaming of and looking for a more modern wheel. I definitely don't want to be wheel-less and I definitely love spinning enough.


* Funny story: a great tit has fallen in love with my flat. It's come in through my ever-so-slightly open window REALLY early in the morning TWICE. (The window in question is now closed until I construct a net thingy.) The first time it woke me up by flying repeatedly into the glass on my balcony door, and having a perch on my spinning wheel in between; the second it was doing something noisy on my kitchen table when I woke up (I thought it was pecking at something at the time but I wasn't really awake). The first time it got very stressed by my getting out of bed to open the door; the second time it just went and sat calmly on the wheel while I was stumbling over to the door. A few days before that second time it came and perched on my laptop screen when I was sitting out on the balcony, and I saw it just now flying dangerously close to my open balcony door, clearly on its way in until it noticed me. Of course I can't know it's the same bird but I really think it is. And while it's kind of cute and funny, it's also annoying because if I wanted bird droppings all over my flat I'd get a budgie or something. But I don't! Especially not on my wheel.

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