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Petra ([personal profile] hyperbole) wrote2014-09-18 04:58 pm
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Good news and bad news

The good, exciting, lovely news is this:

which is 12kg of goth sheep wool (they're actually called Gute sheep, I know, but calling them goth sheepses is funner) on my parents' porch. They're visiting me this weekend and bringing this yumminess as well as materials for a drying rack thing and stuff. I'm very excited to learn more about wool. Wool wool wool. :D

The bad, discouraging, sad news is that I soaked my wheel in that solvent twice last week and then got too busy to tend to it until today. And they're still there. The bugs. I haven't moved on from my gut reaction yet, so at the moment I feel like I might as well get rid of it right now because I'll never get it bug free. I will wait for a bit of distance and a second opinion to come this weekend.

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