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My first porn-worthy yarn :D

(My spinning wheel isn't cured of its bug problem yet. However, I have been spinning on it anyway, and I'm going to try a new thing today. The 12kg of fleece have been sorted and washed, mostly by my wonderful mother, and I have carded and spun some of it already. I Have Learned To Make Rolags!!! V. exciting. There are photos so maybe there'll be a blog post too.)

But today's topic: remember this fibre? It's yarn now.

I spun all the rest of it into singles in one go last night. Now that the yarn is all done, my scales say it's 72g. I realised today that I got the small whorl vs. big whorl ratios mixed up, which means I've been using a different (higher) ratio than I thought for the past few weeks. Oops! No wonder my merino started making spirals.

Today I wound it into the best cake-like formation I could manage, using one YouTube tutorial and one strategically folded toilet roll makeshift Nostepinne.

I then plied it. I liked the way my "yarn cake" started looking a bit like brains when there wasn't much left of it.

All done plying!

On the swift. I'd counted 64 loops but not yet worked out that that means VERY NEARLY 100m! Which is by far the longest single piece of yarn I have made to date. (I've made a mark on my swift so I know how to place it to make skeins of 150cm circumference. It's not traditional, but hey.)

I was really surprised when I took the hank off the swift and it didn't twist. It's balanced. What?! While plying, the few times I checked how it was going (I don't do that nearly enough while spinning OR plying) it seemed to be way overplied. Oh well, it's really gorgeous, not the most even yarn I've made but totally lovely. And squishy. The only thing missing is a pleasant fragrance -- it currently smells like a lot of chemicals. Guess I'll be using shampoo when I set the twist. (The grey and white yarns are my first attempts at woollen (long-draw) spinning rolags of the fleece that I sorted, washed, picked, and carded all by myself.)

I am probably making a hat from it. Or mittens. But most likely a hat. :D
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Oh, nice! It's such a lovely colour, too.