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Petra ([personal profile] hyperbole) wrote2015-02-21 11:30 am
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So, it's been ages! A small selection of what's going on in my life:

* I bought a Kromski Sonata! I went to the Swedish retailer and had a go and it was just so lovely. I've spun nearly every day since then (three months! yikes) and I have yet to find a feature that I don't like. I've started with quite big projects so I'm only nearly done with my second yarn now.

* I joined the local Renaissance reenactment group. Originally just their dance class (so exciting, I haven't danced much before but this kind of dancing I just get) but I'm also trying to get comfortable going to their craft evenings and dreaming of sewing a dress.

* I'm working on my social anxiety with a therapist. It's hard but needful.

* School is stressful and I'm not handling it too well.

* Mum and I started a craft blog! I don't want to link it directly, but googling "maskor och stygn" and finding the Wordpress blog should work. It's in Swedish but there are pictures of my yarn and a cardigan I just finished knitting (wait no, I haven't written that post yet, whoops), as well as mum's multitude of socks and baby cardigans and various other projects.

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