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Petra ([personal profile] hyperbole) wrote2015-03-22 11:10 am

Three Things; or, My Life Is So Great

1. School: Once we only had a few short weeks left until deadline on our humongous group project, I was able to face reducing my personal life to just eating and sleeping for a while in favour of FINISHING. And we did. The coming four days include: one exam, a few hours to proofread our thesis, two days to produce a presentation of our thesis and a critique/opposition type thing on another thesis (don't know what it's called in English?!), the start of our next module and the thesis defence. Today I sit around, revise for tomorrow's exam (it's a novel feeling to have had zero hours left over to care about it until literally the day before; usually I revise a little here and a little there but it has just not been POSSIBLE this time?! Fortunately my brain is awesome and I'm a pro at exam taking), take a walk, and maybe wind yarn (ON MY SHINY NEW NIDDY-NODDY) or start a pair of awesome feminist mittens or something. Whatever I feel like. I'm also NOT going to talk to anybody because I've been around people most of my waking hours every.single.day for like three weeks. Did I mention we FINISHED our thesis though? (Also I expect there will be a price to pay for having over-exerted myself, along the lines of not doing a lot in April, but it feels worth it because I know I have the resources to cope.)

2. Awesomeness: Last weekend I took a much-anticipated trip to the Edinburgh Yarn Festival with one of my dearest friends. It was awesome. I bought a niddy-noddy, a drop spindle, and tatting shuttles; also 800 g of yarn for a pair of mittens and a CABLED ALPACA SWEATER; and 700 g of fibre from various species and breeds and of various shades. I haven't been home enough in the last week to unpack it properly so it's all still lying in a pile on my floor next to my bed where I dumped it because I needed to fill my backpack with a laptop and textbooks instead. (I'm still impressed that I could fit 1.5 kg of fibre things into my hand luggage.) I also got to spend time with friends and new people, "meet" knitting world celebrities, and visit some of my favourite places in Edinburgh.

3. Personal progress: I'm working hard to conquer some of my deepest fears. And I'm actually making really good progress, in spite of how stressful school has been for the past ten weeks. I feel like I've joined the Renaissance Guild "properly" now, and I'm on my way to making knitting groups at least a semi-regular thing in my life. I've applied for summer jobs. These are all things I've been unable to even try to do in the past because I've had so many more urgent issues to work on, but after several years of sorting through all that other stuff I'm finally here and it's super hard but also kind of glorious. (I didn't realise until recently that I didn't even know what not being depressed for long stretches of time in one go looked like before. For me it's all about not automatically going "can I really be bothered to [do a thing]? Nope, sigh" all the damn time. I go on walks just because I love going for walks, and I do four loads of laundry in one go. I haven't found a way to keep on top of the dishes yet but other than that I'm keeping my flat reasonably clean in a sustainable way. It's not about constant rainbows and unicorns and sparkle, but less thick black mud to fight against.)

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