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I finally started spinning the purple merino/silk blend I got from the Edinburgh Yarn Festival. It's lush!

Just opening the crocheted chain (?) of fibre and pulling 15g off was enough to make me all excited. Isn't it the prettiest thing ever?

It's really wispy and soft when drafted. The fibres are long, and the silk makes it a little trickier to draft because it wants to stick together, but it's still lovely to work with.

I tried to spin this thicker and with less twist (than the first few yarns I've spun). It still got a bit too thin in places, and I think I might try to spin a fingering-weight single next, because despite what I thought about my wool tastes, singles DO look awesome.

I used two wooden spoons to set the twist with steam. Magic! (This is before steaming, by the way. The curling in on itself didn't completely go away but it's a lot less after steaming.)

From the bottom: steam-set single (approximately 50m), unset single (30m), unset two-ply (12m). (Yes, that's my knee.)

From the top: skeined single, skeined two-ply, tiny ball of single ready to be knit.

My plan when I started spinning was to make bookmarks as graduation gifts for my closest friends. I was going to use a pattern one of those friends designed recently, but then I kind of accidentally designed my own. It's "box" lace with very thin cables = little flowers! I made two of those and then found a cat bookmark, which was just perfect for the third friend:

Blocking. I used some of the left-over beige alpaca. (I do not crochet. Let the cat be wonky.)

And a blocking photo of the bookmarks, with slightly more detail visible.

The end!

I am also nearly done with the cabled cowl (it is so much fun OMG), and accidentally went to my LYS when they were having a sale and came out with 2000m of purple laceweight alpaca/merino for another Featherweight cardigan. It wasn't completely unplanned, and this is a more colourful and even cheaper alternative than what I had been eyeing. (Purple is my favourite colour, and this is a gorgeous shade. But I am wary of putting that much work into something that colourful because I know me. But then, £1 per 100m of yarn this luscious is *amazing* and would make for a whole lot of shawls if I decide it's too risky. */justifications*)
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I am super impressed! These are lovely and they look like they will make great (and uber soft) bookmarks. :D The kitty is super cute, too. :D