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A magpie just came to sit on my balcony and waved his pretty tailfeathers at me! He took off just as I was pressing the power button on my camera, but next time I'll be ready.

The other day there was one of those small birds with yellow chests and black markings on their heads--super cute! This makes me very happy because when I found out I was going to have a balcony, one of my first thoughts was "birdfeeder!". My dad claimed that I probably wouldn't have much luck getting birds onto a balcony, but it turns out I wasn't wrong. (I think it helps that there's a maple tree right outside. I can't reach it now, but unless they trim it, I'll probably be able to three years from now, if I'm still here.)

The way city and nature merge here is amazing and I love it so much. A few minutes' cycle to the east brings me to a forest at the edge of the sea; south from there goes across picturesque islands; then there's the prettiest city centre I have ever seen, with lots of colourful wooden houses and architecture that in many ways screams "Swedish aesthetic here!". I haven't been to the castle yet, but it's very pretty. If I cycle to the west instead, I find a 4-H farm, a bridge across the highway, then a shopping area with Ikea and similar stores. I'm pretty sure I could find a way across that and out the other side--which would take me straight into countryside!

Did I mention I love the freedom that cycling gives me?

So far, my flat is awesome, the city is awesome, people are very friendly to strangers, and school is interesting and awesome (and gets much industry sponsoring => very fancy buildings!). Only issue right now is that I don't know anybody here, and I'm still my shy self, so I'm kind of lonely, but I'm doing my best to take care of myself and to give myself opportunities to meet people.


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