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I recently finished a pair of mittens I started designing a couple of months ago: the Coldfinger Mitts. I'm wearing them for the first time right now and they're not as good as I imagined, but they are warm! I have ideas of how to make reality match my vision better, so I might make another, slightly different pair if I happen to find the right wool.

I haven't been knitting much for a while, but I took this opportunity to get some photos of things I've finished in the last couple of years--it's a beautiful day and the light was good, but as the temperature just dropped below zero yesterday, getting photos quickly trumped getting pretty photos. So my Ravelry projects page is all spiffy and updated--hats, mittens, shawls, socks ... I even found some items I'd forgotten about.
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Yesterday I got to unpin my newly finished cardigan and go get some photos in the sun and wear it to KnitSoc all in one go. It's very warm even though it's so light (I've been told that alpaca is seven times warmer than standard sheep) and I love it so much! I've got some more details on the Ravelry project page.

But photos! )

I might ask my grandmother to buy me a shawl pin as a graduation gift, because I love the look of the rolled collar when I pinch the sides together at my waist. Yay variety!

I've started spinning again, and it's great fun but very slow. I expect to have finished spinning the fibre I'm working on right now into singles by the end of the year... I've also cast on the Nennir cowl to use up my last 2.5 balls of alpaca. It's high on complicatedness and thinking but sooo pretty, so maybe a good complement to non-thinky spinning?


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