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(My spinning wheel isn't cured of its bug problem yet. However, I have been spinning on it anyway, and I'm going to try a new thing today. The 12kg of fleece have been sorted and washed, mostly by my wonderful mother, and I have carded and spun some of it already. I Have Learned To Make Rolags!!! V. exciting. There are photos so maybe there'll be a blog post too.)

But today's topic: remember this fibre? It's yarn now.

Six photos )

I am probably making a hat from it. Or mittens. But most likely a hat. :D
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I've been meaning to post lots about spinning but as usual I'm way more into the Doing than the Documenting. I also take crap photos, and never as many as or exactly the ones I want. So instead of giving you Margaretha in Pictures, here's a recap of all the yarns I have spun to date, with a few more wheel details.

Lots of photos and text! )

My spinning wheel now has its own corner in my flat. I'm a little busy welcoming new students to Sweden at the moment, but once that settles down I'm very much looking forward to an autumn full of fibre!
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She's a bit of a fixer-upper...

At Easter I found a proper, lovely Scanian bobbin lace pillow at a fleamarket. This weekend I found an amazing spinning wheel! Never been as fond of fleamarkets as I am right now. :D

I think her name is going to be Margaretha.

Three more wheel pics plus a cute surprise )

So yesterday I ordered 800g of sheep's wool, from a few different breeds, as well as pinkish red dye. I also went digging for the lots of angora wool I sheared off the one we had in about 2003-2007. I knew we'd had to throw away a lot of it because of moths a few years ago, and there had been a bit more of that since then, but I've got three good bags of it in the freezer now! Such a luxury to be able to spin such fibres as a beginner.
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In Swedish, tatted lace is called "frivolitet", as in frivolty. And since I seem to have made a habit of tatting on Fridays, and alliteration is awesome, I shall henceforth be making Frivolty Friday posts.

Two Fridays' worth of tatting; two photos )

I still think this is the bestest, funnest, excitingest thing. So exciting even that I created a Pinterest account just because it seems like a lot of people are sharing patterns and tutorials that way. (I'm finding that less interesting than the tatting, though, so I don't quite know how it works yet.)
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I recently finished a pair of mittens I started designing a couple of months ago: the Coldfinger Mitts. I'm wearing them for the first time right now and they're not as good as I imagined, but they are warm! I have ideas of how to make reality match my vision better, so I might make another, slightly different pair if I happen to find the right wool.

I haven't been knitting much for a while, but I took this opportunity to get some photos of things I've finished in the last couple of years--it's a beautiful day and the light was good, but as the temperature just dropped below zero yesterday, getting photos quickly trumped getting pretty photos. So my Ravelry projects page is all spiffy and updated--hats, mittens, shawls, socks ... I even found some items I'd forgotten about.
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When I found out this summer that I'd be moving into a flat with a balcony, my first thought was that I wanted to put up a birdfeeder. I finally got around to doing so yesterday, and it was the best thing I've done for myself in quite a while!

5 small photos of tiny birds! )

All so cute!
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I finally started spinning the purple merino/silk blend I got from the Edinburgh Yarn Festival. It's lush!

9 pictures of fibre, from unspun to knitted )

I am also nearly done with the cabled cowl (it is so much fun OMG), and accidentally went to my LYS when they were having a sale and came out with 2000m of purple laceweight alpaca/merino for another Featherweight cardigan. It wasn't completely unplanned, and this is a more colourful and even cheaper alternative than what I had been eyeing. (Purple is my favourite colour, and this is a gorgeous shade. But I am wary of putting that much work into something that colourful because I know me. But then, £1 per 100m of yarn this luscious is *amazing* and would make for a whole lot of shawls if I decide it's too risky. */justifications*)
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Yesterday I got to unpin my newly finished cardigan and go get some photos in the sun and wear it to KnitSoc all in one go. It's very warm even though it's so light (I've been told that alpaca is seven times warmer than standard sheep) and I love it so much! I've got some more details on the Ravelry project page.

But photos! )

I might ask my grandmother to buy me a shawl pin as a graduation gift, because I love the look of the rolled collar when I pinch the sides together at my waist. Yay variety!

I've started spinning again, and it's great fun but very slow. I expect to have finished spinning the fibre I'm working on right now into singles by the end of the year... I've also cast on the Nennir cowl to use up my last 2.5 balls of alpaca. It's high on complicatedness and thinking but sooo pretty, so maybe a good complement to non-thinky spinning?


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