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Petra ([personal profile] hyperbole) wrote2014-07-14 12:18 pm
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Seen Frozen yet?

She's a bit of a fixer-upper...

At Easter I found a proper, lovely Scanian bobbin lace pillow at a fleamarket. This weekend I found an amazing spinning wheel! Never been as fond of fleamarkets as I am right now. :D

I think her name is going to be Margaretha.

The treadle is currently in dad's workshop getting glued back together; a few other things have been fixed.

I'm a little concerned about getting it to actually spin because the bobbin can't be removed from the wing and I just don't understand that whole mechanism, but I think I'll work it out eventually. It's clearly been used loads, even if it may be many decades ago.

It's been treated with something that's reacted badly with the wood, so it looks sort of scaly. But the brown stuff isn't coming off, either as goo or as flakes, so I think it's okay.

Finally, our cuddliest creaky old man bunny:

He is constantly in need of moar cuddles, stat! except for the minute after his food bowl is refilled. Aww. <3

So yesterday I ordered 800g of sheep's wool, from a few different breeds, as well as pinkish red dye. I also went digging for the lots of angora wool I sheared off the one we had in about 2003-2007. I knew we'd had to throw away a lot of it because of moths a few years ago, and there had been a bit more of that since then, but I've got three good bags of it in the freezer now! Such a luxury to be able to spin such fibres as a beginner.